Gentle Visibility Blogfest


MESSENGERS – Got a blog?

Join us for the Gentle Visibility Blogfest:

A 9-Day Interactive Blogging Par-tay to get your CREATION Juices Flowing!

When: This Blogfest is now over – stay tuned for future Fests!


>> Be Seen and Heard! Attract Your Tribe! FEEL GOOD! <<


Dear Tribe,

Yes YOU, MESSENGERS – the Spiritual healers, Coaches, Teachers, Artists, Writers, Shamans and Good Witches of Earth –

I cordially invite you to join us for the GENTLE VISIBILITY BLOGFEST!



Why “Gentle” Visibility?


A) We’ll be treating ourselves with deep self-love and self-care so that we FEEL GOOD while putting ourselves out there in a relaxed yet steady manner.

B) We’re going to be flexible about HOW we’ll share our messages during the 9-day Blogfest. Just because it’s a “blog post” doesn’t mean we have to WRITE a blog post each day.

You can also opt to create a short video sharing your Truth, write a blurb to go with it and include a great photo or meme – and share THAT as your blog/Vlog post for the day.

OR, you could record a quick audio and share THAT as your blog entry for the day, along with – again – a blurb about the content and a visual (pic or meme).


In short, during the Blogfest there’s no need to write 9 whole 300-1000 word posts daily – unless THAT IS WHAT MAKES YOU EXTREMELY HAPPY! 😉


This blogging par-TAY is about:

  • Getting your Truth out there in digestible bites that FEEL GOOD TO YOU – regularly – for your True Tribe to chew on
  • Interacting with all of us kindred Messengers who are playing in the ‘Fest
  • BE-ing supportive: Liking, sharing and commenting on each others’ posts
  • Getting to know one another as Messengers, entrepreneurs and PEOPLE….
…For we all know of the Magic that sprouts from the POWER OF CONNECTION – and who knows what Gardens may grow
from this Fabulous and FUN FESTIVAL OF TRUTH!


The possibilities are truly endless….
YAY! I can’t wait to get down, funky and SOULFUL with you all!


WHEN is the Gentle Visibility Blogfest: Tuesday May 29 – Wednesday June 6
WHERE is the Par-tay happening: In our magical Prosperous Messenger Tribe Facebook group!

NOTE: If you are already a member of the Facebook Group, then you are IN – just watch for the Blogfest info posts in the group!! 🙂

If you are in the group and don’t yet have a blog, I invite you to take the step to create one and participate in the ‘Fest! If you are not feeling ready to do so, you can still enjoy the Blogfest and benefit from all of our empowering posts, vids and podcasts!!

THANK YOU for BE-ing with me!







I AM Astra – Biz Wisdom Visionary, Whole Health Intuitive, Animal Healer.

I support you in stepping fully into your power so you may: 
CREATE and ENJOY your relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant MESSENGER BIZ PLATFORM – and offer TOTALLY EMPOWERED SUPPORT for your True Tribe! 
Also, I AM here for your Animal Children – providing them with healing for their greatest comfort and happiness, and BEING THEIR VOICE – so they can let you know exactly what they need, and answer any questions you have for them!