Biz Power! Guidance for Messengers

Messengers are multi-dimensional. We just are. And one thing that the Old Earth way of doing business taught us was NOT to put our Whole Selves into our businesses – rather, to only focus on one thing or specialty at a time. The first time that I chose just one specialty a few years back, …

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Comfort for Messengers – You Are Safe!

A soothing message for the #SoulSoaringMessengers of Earth –  Spiritual Healers, Coaches, Teachers, Writers, Artists, Shamans and Good Witches:   > You are not alone. > You are enough. > It is safe for you to shine!     > As mentioned in the video, check out: Soul-Grown Dream Business Kit: Soul-Soaring Messenger Circle: …

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How to Transform Negative Thinking

  Negative thinking puts you in a state of expecting the worst and waiting for things to go wrong. It’s a self-feeding pattern that, if not nipped in the bud, can lead to such things as: Depression Anxiety Fatigue Misunderstandings Procrastination/feeling stuck Poverty mindset/behaviors …Even physical ailments!   How do I know this? Because I …

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