Change Your Energy, Change Your Biz

Did you know that people feel your energy

before even hearing your message?


As a Messenger you are here to support your True Tribe – but it can be frustrating when you don’t seem to easily be able to attract your Tribe; or, if you are attracting them, it is happening slower than molasses flows – even when you are doing “all the right things” to put yourself out there.

This is because you are experiencing an energetic block against being VISIBLE to your Tribe.


Visibility blocks stem from fear. And visibility fear – specifically – is related to old, outworn beliefs that tell you it is a bad thing to be spiritual, to speak your truth, to share the gifts of your soul, and to be a happy, healthy and wealthy Messenger.

These negative Old Earth beliefs stem either from past lives in which you were persecuted as a spiritual messenger, or from this life when you were taught at an early age to hide your gifts and try to “Act Normal.” (Shhh-yeah, right, as if!! LOLOL) 



Dearest and most beautiful Messenger Beings, I AM here to support you and to share with you that this IS the lifetime where you GET TO BE SUCCESSFUL – BECAUSE you are a Messenger!

You GET TO be rewarded for exactly who you are – who your Soul has ALWAYS been.

YOU ARE here to BE your true messenger self.
To SPEAK your Truth.
To SHARE your spiritual Gifts and SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!!


So take a deep breath in through the nose – and out through the mouth – and:

Say a Conscious YES to BE-ing the Magnificent Messenger you are destined to BE….


…And just WATCH that True Tribe of yours COME LOOKING – JUST FOR YOU!!



I AM Astra – Biz Wisdom Visionary, Whole Health Intuitive, Animal Healer.

I support you in stepping fully into your power so you may: 
> CREATE and ENJOY your relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant MESSENGER BIZ PLATFORM – and offer TOTALLY EMPOWERED SUPPORT for your True Tribe!
> ENJOY and sustain whole health and vitality for your most empowered Human Experience here on Earth!
Also, I AM here for your Animal Children – providing them with healing for their greatest comfort and happiness, and BEING THEIR VOICE – so they can let you know exactly what they need, and answer any questions you have for them!

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