Why it is Important to Charge for Your Services

YAY!! Welcome to my first ever blog post on my new website! I am so excited to have you here.

I am guided to write about…wait for iiiiitttt…..MONEY.

I have been supporting clients in raising their abundance vibes for years.

Abundance is such an important aspect of empowerment for humans, and one that can be quite challenging to incorporate – possibly even more challenging for those of us that are spiritual.

And why is this? It is because traditionally it was taught that spiritual healers and medicine people should not accept money for their services, as their services were divine gifts.

Shamans provide huge transformation and empowerment for their communities every day – but they are supposed to be humble and refuse energy compensation for their gifts…? Ummm, no.

And, ummm – I am about to chime in here with some mind-blowing wisdom:

Aren’t ALL gifts divine?

  • Take, for instance, someone who is talented enough to become an architect and design buildings and houses. They create blueprints that are carried out, resulting in manifesting their creations into reality – and resulting in places you and I LIVE IN, work in, shop in, etc. every single DAY! AMAZING!!
  • Or scientists who discover things that are too tiny to see with the naked eye. WHOA!
  • Or surgeons who save peoples’ lives daily by cutting into them, manipulating their physical tissues, and changing or replacing major organs. WHAT!!

ALL of these are such divine gifts! (All creation is divine!)

And architects, scientists and surgeons generally are well compensated financially for their creations, findings and healings. $$$

So – considering how much transformation a shaman effects in her community, locally or globally – how can anyone say that her work isn’t worth money?


All you shamans, healers, teachers, coaches, guides – DUDE. You’ve got to charge for what you do. Because listen:

  • You’ve got to eat, right?
  • You’ve got to have a home.
  • You’ve got to be able to pay your way in the world.

All of that is just TRUTH.

But wait – there’s more.

Beyond all that – this is the lifetime: NOW IS the time that you GET to experience the FABULOUS life. You get to write yourself into the picture! YES, go forth and effect transformation in your Tribe. But then, give unto your SELF!

Gift yourself the gift of sleep. Of rest. Of joy, good food, laughter, merriment.

Of parties, peace, solitude.

Dancing, dreaming, writing.

But most importantly, GIFT yourself the gift of receiving.

Receiving love, abundance, MONEY – all that you will ever need and MORE.


Because the more you RECEIVE, the more you have to GIVE.

Take a deep breathe in, and slowly exhale.

Your new abundant beginning starts now, here.

CHOOSE financial happiness and freedom.

And damn well charge for your services!


You are just as important as any architect, scientist or surgeon out there.

You might just BE the Shaman FOR the architects, scientists and surgeons.

Psst!…They need all the support they can get! 😉



I am Astra – Universal Wisdom Leader, Shaman and Principal of the Shamanic Empowerment School.

I support messengers in stepping fully into your power so you can:
A) Be the best, most empowering Wisdom Leaders possible for your Tribes!
B) Live your happiest, healthiest and wealthiest lives!
C) Enjoy your most relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant Wisdom Leader business platforms!

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    1. You are so very welcome – and I am honored to have you as my very first comment on my new website! I appreciate you! Love, Astra

    1. YAY!! Thank you so much dear Reba! I am so excited that you stopped by for a read – thank you for all of your support! 🙂

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