Soul-Soaring Messenger Circle





for the Messengers of Earth!



> If you are a spiritual healer, coach, teacher, artist, shaman or Good Witch,

and you know you were born with a message in your Heart and Soul to share with your Tribe….

> If you already have – or are creating – a business platform for sharing your beautiful Soul Message,

and you are READY to ATTRACT YOUR TRUE TRIBE to partake of your sacred biz offerings….

The Soul-Soaring Messenger Circle is CUSTOM-CREATED, ready and waiting –

just for you!

The Circle provides endless resources to support you in stepping into your EMPOWERED VISIBILITY & PROSPERITY…

through mastering your:

~Vivacious VITALITY
~Fearless FUN FACTOR
~Supreme SELF-LOVE
The Circle is a loving, supportive, magical and miraculous Messenger community where you can ALWAYS come to relax, recharge, revitalize….
and AMP UP your OWN magic, manifestation and MIRACLE-PRODUCING skills.



>Visibility for Messengers


The Truth is, it can feel really scary to divine, prepare and especially SHARE your message.

It can feel nerve-wracking to reach out and connect with your True Tribe. I KNOW! At times when I share my message and my Truth, I feel pain in my body – like I’ve been beaten, pummeled and kicked in the stomach!

It’s such an intense feeling that it ALMOST deters me from sharing the next bit of Truth that wants to flow from my heart and soul.

But I continue to smile, pick myself up, dust myself off, hold my ground – and SHARE MY TRUTH AGAIN.

For, on my Messenger journey, I have come to know that….

…This pain & fear happens because – in lives past – we were punished, shunned and BANISHED for BE-ing the Soul Messengers that were – and ARE: Our True Selves!



In THIS life…it is TIME.

It is NOW truly time…and it is SAFE.

BE-ing our True Messenger Selves is WHY WE WERE BORN into this lifetime!


We can get THROUGH the pain and break FREE to the other side.

We can process through the fear and flow into PEACE…

And EnJOY Soul-Soaring Success!



It is TIME to step into your Visibility Superpowers and SHINE, share your message – and prosper!

Your Tribe truly awaits your expertise, your teachings, your eternal WISDOM!

They are CLAMORING for you to come out of the woodwork, that they may shower LOVE upon you!


YOU DESERVE all abundance, wealth and prosperity flowing to you via your miraculous MESSENGER BIZ PLATFORM!


Come play and BE your Soul-Soaring Messenger SELF!

All this and more is what you receive as a part of the Circle:
  • A monthly Soul-Soaring Messenger Masterclass – Valued at $197
  • A monthly Soul-Soaring Messenger Empowerment Song channeled through ME! – Valued at $125
  • A weekly Soul-Soaring Messenger Facebook LiveValued at $85 (x 4 = $340 per month)
  • A weekly Archangel Healing & Manifesting Circle – Valued at $149 (x 4 = $596 per month)
  • A weekly Soul-Soaring Messenger Coaching Day – With PERSONALIZED Empowerment and success coaching for your biz and life! – Valued at $185 (x 4 = $740 per month)

PLUS!!! BONUSES (Valued at $149 monthly):

  • A weekly channeled Vibrational Medicine post for your Empowerment
  • A weekly channeled Animal Medicine post for your Empowerment
  • A weekly Plant-based Recipe post for your Empowerment


  • A weekly Soul-Soaring Inner Wisdom Activation for the group – Valued at $159 (x 4 = $636 per month)


>> Your investment in your SELF – just $155 monthly!


>> HUGE BONUS – There is ALREADY an abundant library in the Circle files – over a YEAR’S worth of materials valued in the thousands!

MATERIALS INCLUDE: Master Classes, Empowerment Songs and dozens of bonus courses, instructional videos, vibrational healing and empowerment tools, articles and meditations waiting to be enjoyed by YOU! = $ PRICELESS $


YOU: “Look out Tribe – Here I COME!” 😀



Subscription Policy: Your monthly subscription renews automatically. You may cancel your subscription at any time. You retain your original monthly fee for as long as you remain a member. If you cancel your subscription you will retain membership in the Messenger Circle for the remainder of the most recent month paid for. Prices are subject to change. If you rejoin at a later time and the price has changed, the new price will be your new monthly fee.




I am Astra – Biz Wisdom Visionary, Soal-Soaring Messenger, Shaman, Animal Healer/Channel!

I support Universal Wisdom Leaders – the Messengers of the New Earth! – in stepping into your Visibility Power for your greatest happiness, empowerment and success in your Messenger biz!

I have run my own vibrational healing businesses since 2003.

I’ve been facilitating M.A.P. Work™ (M.A.P. = Money, Abundance, Prosperity) with my clients since 2006.

I’ve been a practicing shaman in this lifetime since 2006, and an online coach since 2011 – specializing in Visibility, True Tribe Attraction, Empowerment and Money Manifesting for the Messengers of the New Earth!



“I am thrilled to have personally worked with Astra. Her program was beautifully structured to help me move into my Vitality, Voice and Visibility Superpowers. I had been struggling with clarity in my business, which particularly affected my voice and visibility. Through her pointed questions and accountability she helped me see areas that I could work on to move me out of resistance and into more of ME. I was able to move forward into my business because of our work together. Astra is definitely someone who walks her talk. She will guide you into being all you can be. She herself is continually stepping up and into more in order to be able to share her gifts with the world, and she is gifted at helping others do the same. Astra is a gifted, loving and kind guide who only wants the highest and best good for you and your life. I totally love and appreciate her, and I highly recommend working with her!” ~Robin Chellis


Astra, the work we have done together over the last few years has benefited me both personally and on a business/abundance level. It has always helped ground me on a day to day basis, given me tools to better neutralize stress, turn stress into victories as well as stay in the moment with choice making and living in my convictions and true self. You have a keen insight into energy and abundance and I believe that anyone who chooses to work with you will reap many benefits.” ~Jeremy Glickstein



“Astra stays in my mind and heart ALWAYS as an example of INSTANT financial manifestation. I have manifested thousands of dollars in a period of one day – multiple times – using the same mindset technique she inspired in me! Recently, I used her Sound Healing for Opening to Money to heal deeper wounds of poverty consciousness. And I more-than-doubled my income, days after listening to her healing voice JUST ONCE! I recommend Astra to any of my friends and clients looking for sound healing. Thank You so much, Astra sister, for really being that Abundance that you so gracefully share.” ~Gina LaVerde