Save Astra’s Kidneys! ( Well, Sorta ;) )

Have you been getting odd twinges, feelings, ticks, aches or pains in random parts of your body?

If so, you are likely experiencing a Universal energy.

What do I mean by this?

Well, it’s like this: Us sensitive folks can often be “sponge-like” in our experiences – especially when we are the leaders of our Tribes. We have a tendency to take on the emotions and energies of our entire Tribe – especially those energies which can be deemed “unhelpful.”

In a way this is a cool tool to have in our collective toolbox, because it allows us to be aware of exactly what our Tribes are feeling – so we can know exactly what wisdom to share that will be of the highest support for our peeps.

On the other hand, it can be a not-so-fun adventure when a huge wave of Universal energy hits us and manifests as a physical sensation. The aches and weird feelings can get to be tiresome and just simply too much.

For instance, this past week throughout my global tribe there has been a wave of Fear energy. This is understandable due to many things happening globally that can feel quite scary.

The thing is, my beloved Tribe’s fear energy has been manifesting in MY body as an aching sensation in my kidneys! And again, this is actually quite helpful – as kidney energy directly relates to fear…so that was instrumental in my divination of what this sensation in my body actually meant. (For I have no kidney issues. I have NO physical ailments, due to the fact that I have healed them all throughout the course of my empowerment journey! 😀 )

So it is, as I say, quite a helpful tool – if I sense something odd in an area of my body, I can pinpoint the main core reason for its being there – and once I do, the sensation dissipates, for its only purpose was to carry a message for me to divine!

However, the energy of FEAR has been occurring at such a repetitive rate – and so it has been, for me, over and over:

“OW! My kidneys! OW! My kidneys!” LOL!

Know that, in reality, my kidneys are A-Okay.

This is all energetic, and a tool to get my attention and understand what you all are needing right now.

And so, with respect to my brave and honorable kidneys for being such wonderful messengers, I ask of you this (not only for the sake of my kidneys, but for the sake of human LIFE on Earth):

Will you begin shifting your FEAR into LOVE?

Fear and Love are opposite sides of the same coin – and one cannot lead where the other is dominant.

4 Ways to Immediately Shift Fear Into Love:
  • Go outside and walk upon the Earth. This soaks up any unhelpful energy from your body and BE-ing, and allows you to feel more connected to the LOVE that IS.
  • Smile on purpose. Practice smiling hourly. This boosts the “feel-good” hormones in your body, connecting you to LOVE.
  • Eat more grains, vegetables, seeds and fruits. Plant-based foods are higher in vibration than animal-based foods – and they raise your energetic vibration, which supports you in acting from a love-based – rather than a fear-based – space.
  • Hug and cuddle with animals, or connect with them in some way. Interacting with live animals connects us with our personal power so that we can live a love-based life.

These are just some ways to live a more love-based life. I know you can come up with tons more! 

And the more you shift fear into LOVE – the less I will feel it in my kidneys!! 😀

Thank you very much!!

(And NOW I move on to divining alternate ways of knowing exactly what my Tribe is feeling without having to FEEL IT IN MY PHYSICAL BODY!! 😀 FOR INSTANCE: Claircognizance, here comes Mama!!! WHEEEEE!!!! 😀 )

(To learn about Claircognizance and more, join us over in the Shamanic Empowerment School! LET’S PLAY! :D)

UPDATE: Within 24 hours of publishing this article, my kidneys are totally fine. That’s how quickly healing works when we listen to the messages our bodies are always trying to tell us! TA DAH!! 😀


I AM Astra – Biz Wisdom Visionary, Whole Health Intuitive, Animal Healer.

I support you in stepping fully into your power so you may: 
> CREATE and ENJOY your relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant MESSENGER BIZ PLATFORM – and offer TOTALLY EMPOWERED SUPPORT for your True Tribe!
> ENJOY and sustain whole health and vitality for your most empowered Human Experience here on Earth!
Also, I AM here for your Animal Children – providing them with healing for their greatest comfort and happiness, and BEING THEIR VOICE – so they can let you know exactly what they need, and answer any questions you have for them!

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