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Successful money habits are created in the mind.

What do YOU choose to believe about your money mojo?

Share your new money beliefs in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed the podcast!



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4 thoughts on “(Podcast) Be a Money Magnet”

  1. Well, as I mentioned on Facebook — not only is this great stuff – you gave me inspiration for something to add to my mindset work — I am the “captain of my Money Ship” — love it.

    I really like the way you explained this —- And I think people (I know I did) get caught up in seeing it as “I have to believe in something that appears to be impossible” — so we fake/trick ourselves into things like “I believe I am a millionaire” – which is great — but it’s quite broad — so – as you stated so well —- those simple, empowered, mind shifts are key – like (in my world) – “I choose to spend my money on refurbished and used technology so my business can be more sustainable and so I only have to work part time while getting my business going.”

    Thank you!

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