M.A.P.™ to Money Master Class & Activation


The M.A.P.™ to Money Master Class is a powerful vibrational activation which aligns you with your highest Money, Abundance and Prosperity energies.

The class contains vibrational sound healing – both while I am speaking and while I am toning.

The class also contains channeled messages and vibrations to bring you into resonance with your deepest worth, value and self-love energies.


It is a tool you can use again and again to come back into your creamy, dreamy abundance vibe and BE the manifesting magnet you truly are!


PLUS – when you order the class, you receive as a Bonus Gift the Sound Healing for a Healthy Money Relationship.

This is a tool you can use whenever you choose to allow your energy to relax about money, and to open to more abundance and all that you desire!



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