How to Release Money Blocks


So many of my clients come to me with the question:

“How Do I Release Money Blocks?” 


This is one of my favorite topics! I absolutely love working with my tribe to help them let go of blocks and unhelpful beliefs around money in order to get their abundance flowing. I could write about this for years – but for today’s purpose I will share some top tips to get your Abundant Money Energy jump-started.

First, be aware that at the core of any block around money is FEAR.

*What will I do if I don’t have enough?*

*What will I do if I have more than enough?*

*What if I fail?*

*What if I succeed?*

Because anything different than how it is now, even if it is good, is still change.

And maybe we can’t handle change!

Maybe the new prosperous way of being gets in the way of an old energetic agreement we have with our family or ancestral line, or societal beliefs – that receiving money is a struggle and that there is not enough. Or, that if we make a lot of money we must stuff it all in a bank and save it for the future and wear old raggedy clothing and eat beans from a can every night (à la depression era mindsets, etc.).

If we release old energetic agreements that do not serve our highest good and allow ourselves permission to be in the prosperous flow of all that is possible, this constitutes change – and change is scary because it is the unknown. Right?

But let’s break it down – it isn’t unknown, really. 

There is an inherent part of each one of us that truly knows that allowing prosperous flow is not only helpful to ourselves, but that it allows us to be of more services to others!

Allowing prosperous flow benefits the All, because it releases any blocks to Universal Abundance – allowing ourselves permission to have nourishing food with no worry about how to pay for groceries; allowing ourselves permission to have a safe place to live with no worry of where rent or mortgage payments will come from.

Allowing ourselves permission to receive, to give and to be in the flow.

And when others see us giving ourselves permission to be prosperous, we teach them by example to let go of the old and allow themselves to receive as well!


While at the core of money blocks lies fear, at the core of that fear lies the deep knowing and excitement that this Universal Truth brings:


And we can choose to be abundant.

And we can choose to support others in knowing this as well.

So try the following exercise, and keep daily journal entries of your experiences and shifts around prosperity:

This week, do something abundant for yourself each day – it can be something small or something big – and share what you have done with friends and family members! Call them, email them, post your abundant experiences on your Facebook profile – Tweet it, sing it, shout it from the rooftops!

Let your loved ones know how giving yourself this gift has made you feel, and how it has affected your overall quality of life.

This gives them permission to do the same.

And how cool is THAT??


Spread the abundance and watch the blocks release!



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  1. I think that it is very common for people to think that bounty is a limited resource, instead of realizing that when we are prosperous, we have bounty to share…and that compounds!

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