We All Know Everything

The (Universal) Truth is…each one of us holds the entire Universe within our BE-ing.

We each are equipped with all of the knowledge we will ever need.

We are all sacred chambers for the Universal Truths.

Yes, ’tis TRUE!


It’s just that – sometimes – we need reminders of this. And of how to access the wisdom we carry within.

Sometimes, we need a mirror to show us that our answers have been here all along.


I was having a conversation with a favorite colleague of mine recently, and he was channeling some info for me. He mentioned that the way I deliver my messages could potentially scare some people off because they might judge me as someone who “thinks they know it all” and so therefore are more “advanced” than they are.


The thing about that is that I DO know it all. But the thing about THAT is that – YOU DO, TOO! 😉

I am a channel for Universal Truth. It took me a while to OWN this fact, but I finally DO! This is my job as a human in this lifetime.

But this does not mean that I know Universal Truth and you do not.

Quite the contrary! It is, in fact, BECAUSE I know Universal Truth that, indeed, you do, too!


For I AM a mirror for your inner wisdom.

I am here to remind you of all you know – of all that you carry within your inner wisdom well.


So I shall keep on delivering the Universal Truth that is ready to come through me – in the way I am guided to do so.

For, to deliver my messages any differently would go against the truth of who I am and why I AM HERE.


And that would provide a horrific example to my amazing Tribe!


I AM HERE to BE Me – and to support you in BE-ing YOU – the TRUE You – the Wisdom Leader and messenger you came here to BE in this lifetime.

I contain The Universe and All of Her TRUTH within me – and I will not hold back in the sharing of this TRUTH – I need to share them with you, so that you can begin to see, understand and EMBRACE the TRUTH: That YOU CONTAIN TRUTH, TOO!





I AM Astra – Biz Wisdom Visionary, Whole Health Intuitive, Animal Healer.

I support you in stepping fully into your power so you may: 
> CREATE and ENJOY your relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant MESSENGER BIZ PLATFORM – and offer TOTALLY EMPOWERED SUPPORT for your True Tribe!
> ENJOY and sustain whole health and vitality for your most empowered Human Experience here on Earth!
Also, I AM here for your Animal Children – providing them with healing for their greatest comfort and happiness, and BEING THEIR VOICE – so they can let you know exactly what they need, and answer any questions you have for them!


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