(Podcast) Why Visibility Can Be Scary


Peaceful Prosperity Podcast:

Why Visibility Can Be Scary


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#Messengers – It is time to let past fears around visibility come up for healing.

Does sharing your Truth ever feel scary for you? I would love for you to share your experience with this podcast episode in the comments below!

Love you!

#GentleVisibilityBlogfest – Day Two


I AM Astra – Biz Wisdom Visionary, Whole Health Intuitive, Animal Healer.

I support you in stepping fully into your power so you may: 
> CREATE and ENJOY your relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant MESSENGER BIZ PLATFORM – and offer TOTALLY EMPOWERED SUPPORT for your True Tribe!
> ENJOY and sustain whole health and vitality for your most empowered Human Experience here on Earth!
Also, I AM here for your Animal Children – providing them with healing for their greatest comfort and happiness, and BEING THEIR VOICE – so they can let you know exactly what they need, and answer any questions you have for them!


6 thoughts on “(Podcast) Why Visibility Can Be Scary”

  1. YES! Thank you so much for this podcast, Astra.
    I hadn’t thought about the healing aspect. For me, I think I took time off to heal from my perceived “failed” messenger attempt some years ago.
    This time… I know that the vision hasn’t fully taken shape yet, but it’s wanting to become something.
    So, the Gentle Visibility Blogfest came around at a perfect time for me too.
    But, I am working through those familiar fears at being visible.
    Just breathing and going with it. All of it. <3

    1. OH good, I am glad the ‘Fest flowed in at just the right time! And YES, here’s to breathing and going with it all!

  2. As you already know – this whole revelation totally shifted my perception of what I always called my “stage fright x 1000” – and has changed how I approach the things that make me really visible – thank you so much <3

  3. I agree, there is huge benefits to really looking at why we avoid things (even though the tendency is to…avoid them lol), but every time we peek into those shadows, we shed a little bit more light, and eventually, the darkness gives way and we can step into that space…and our world becomes bigger!

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